#midweekmile leaderboard

Be part of the mile movement and simply incorporate a timed mile into your Wednesday or Thursday run. Log your time on our site and share it on social media using the hashtag #midweekmile to win some cool prizes. Don’t forget to check out our predictor to see what your mile time will translate into on other distances!

Log My Time
1Godfrey Mothapo2017-03-0204:24
2Godfrey Mothapo 2017-02-0104:26
3Godfrey Mothapo2017-02-1504:29
4Godfrey Mothapo26-01-201704:33
5Godfrey Mothapo2016-10-3004:33
6Godfrey Mothapo2017-04-0604:43
7Godfrey Mothapo2016-09-0405:09
8Gustav Roos08-12-201605:11
9Nolene Conrad21-12-201605:43
10Jeannie Jordaan22-12-201605:48
11Jeannie Jordaan08-12-201605:51
12Caroline Wostmann21-12-201605:51
13Caroline Wostmann07-12-201606:24
14Craig van der Westhuizen16-11-201606:30
15Craig van der Westhuizen21-12-201606:57
16Annemari Kruger30-12-201607:35
17Craig van der Westhuizen07-12-201607:43
18Pierre Jacobs07-12-201608:17
19Godfrey Mothapo264:33